Recent Updates

Jukebox Hire

NEW!! Jukebox hire for all events and occasions. More…

New Website

We now have moved over to a more streamline easy to use website. More…

Windows 7

Get Windows 7 installed to your PC without losing any of your important files. More…

Safe Guard your PC

Have the latest Anti-Virus technology, Firewall and Spyware protection. More…

Keep your PC running FAST

Let us cleanout and upgrade your PC...

The first thing should not be the PC but the programs running on it, We can clean the system out, adware and viruses etc.  

If your running low on space then a new harddisc is a must, We can clone the existing system to the new disc or just add a new one.

A PC with the right amount of memory running at the right speed makes your computer feel smoother and run quicker.  
PC's that are 3 years and older really should have a total revamp this would mean faster processor, motherboard and memory.  
We can upgrade and repair laptops and netbooks etc.  
Home or business networks that need set-up or configured by our mobile engineer.  
We can set-up your new or old scanners, printers, speakers etc. Or even your whole PC, be it brand new or old.  
Have a full surround sound multimedia set-up for watching films or playing games.  
Custom built gaming machines with the latest technology available and the highest spec.  


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